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TROMBE’s Swirler Vortex Technology (SVT)

Inspired by the nature of a tornado absorbing everything into its funnel, even heavy cars, TROMBE recreated and miniaturized its vortex to room unit proportions.


The revolutionary TROMBE Airborne Dust Cleaner creates a large, powerful vortex in front of the unit to capture much more particles, including the heaviest, capture-resistant particles, like pollen that trigger most allergic reactions.

3-Stage Filtration

A 3-stage filtration system consisting of a washable pre-filter, a hybrid activated carbon + catalyst filter, and an H13 true HEPA filter (99.97% efficiency) supplies clean air while it directly captures dust, particles, and VOCs.


Fully Automatic
AI Control

Its industry-first AI operation turns the unit on and off automatically and controls the fan speed by monitoring the air quality with its built-in PM1.0 sensor.


This allows a longer filter lifespan and energy-saving, which will enable owners to access hassle-free air quality monitoring and protection day and night. 3 Fan Speed manual modes are available.

ANCT Technology

TROMBE’s Aerodynamic Noise Control Technology (ANCT) eliminates internal wind turbulence.


Consequently, ANCT greatly reduce noise-level, and even generates white noise which helps you relax and fall asleep faster.


Whisper -
Quiet Noise Level

One may think that powerful suction means a loud noise level. However, TROMBE produces only 36dB(A) in its highest speed setting, which is lower than the noise level of a library.​

Anytime, Anywhere

There are countless moments in our lives when we need clean air in daily activities like cooking, working, and sleeping, as well as during allergic reactions that irritate our respiratory system.

TROMBE can be used anytime, anywhere clean air is needed.


for Dust Free Air

Unlike most industry-leading round or rectangular air purifier designs, its tree branch-shaped sleek design is in a lineage of minimalism and naturalism.

Aerodynamic Engineering

On the contrary to the conventional air purifiers, the air intake force of TROMBE is five times stronger than the air exhaust force to prevent the diversion of dusts to the air exhaust.


Night Mode

When you push the button located at the very bottom, all notification lights will turn off. If you press the button again, all notification lights will turn back on again.

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