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Stop Using
Your Air Purifier.
But, Why?


Issues With Current
Air Purifiers

Industry-Leading "Air Purifiers" Actually SPREAD Dust.

All fine particles move along stronger air currents.

Because the air current from the air exhaust vent is much stronger than the air intake, airborne particles do not get sucked into the device.


They actually move along the winds from the air exhuast vent...

Meaning: It SPREADS dust all over the room


Problem Solver


The Game Changing Air Purification


Trombe absorbs even the heaviest dust particles from a long distance, with a suction power of 30~40 times that of a conventional air purifier.


By utilizing the tornado vortex, the airborne particles are captured and filtered from an area 30~40 times larger than the conventional air purifier, creating and maintaining clean indoor air.

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